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Gralands DIY & Hardware was started over 50 years ago and originally existed as a joiners shop. Gralands Woodwork Supplies was then started in its original building in Derwent Street, Blackhill to supply all the materials to go with the timber, for example nails, screws, glue, paint, glass, hinges and much more.  The name Gralands came from a combination of the original partners names being Graham Rowland and William Gowland. Gralands is still a family run business and indeed one of the original partners Bill Gowland is still a partner today.

The business has evolved and changed greatly over the years with the surrounding area but it is still run with the same values, service, availability and price. We have always tried to sell the customer what they want and not just a packet of something and to this end we still sell loose nails, screws, tap washers and buy our timber in long lengths to try and allow us to sell you what you want and just 2.4m lengths.

We have outgrown our premises over the years and about 30 years ago moved from our Front Street shop to our current Newmarket Street premises – this was quite a task! If you have ever visited the shop you may understand how much stock we had to move but with plenty of help we closed on Saturday night and reopened after a August Bank holiday Monday  in our new premises on the Tuesday morning. We never thought we would fill Newmarket Street but we did and started to look for larger premises. Unfortunately the need for extra space became desperate and the decision was made to split off parts of the business, so on 1st November 2014 our sister business was opened in the form of DecorBake Consett Ltd. Initially most of the decorating materials and cookwares were moved there but with all the extra space it allowed us to expand back into wallpapers with normally over 440+ designs in stock and a large range of gifts for all occasions from birthdays to christmas to weddings or just a little thank you gift.

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Here at Gralands DIY & Hardware, Consett we stock thousands of products. Tell us what you’re after and we’ll see if we stock it.

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Here at Gralands DIY & Hardware, Consett we stock thousands of products. Tell us what you’re after and we’ll see if we stock it.


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