Protecting your garden from the winter

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, so by putting measures in place to protect your plants from the cold now, you’ll ensure a blooming garden next summer.
When it comes to cold weather, it’s frost in particular that causes problems for plants and even hardy specimens like evergreens can be at risk. Here are our top tips from Caroline our Ronseal Marketing Manager, for minimising the effects of cold weather and preparing your garden for winter…


• Position any particularly delicate plants in sheltered spots, like under large trees or against walls. This will give them much-needed protection through winter
• Don’t prune your plants in autumn – the old growth will provide protection and take the brunt of any frost damage
• For potted plants, use outdoor containers with frost proofing so they won’t crack. Then you can move very tender plants inside for winter, and tougher ones into a shed or greenhouse where they’ll be protected


• For plants growing in open ground, install a wooden frame covered with fleece material to provide protection from strong winds and low temperatures
• A thick layer of straw or old leaves will stop soil from freezing, protecting any bulbs or herbaceous plants below. A layer of mulch around the base of evergreen plants will protect their soil too, allowing them to take up moisture during very cold weather
• Protect low-growing plants by covering them with a sheet of glass and surrounding with a layer of gravel to help water drainage


• Protect plants from the morning sun with a layer of black plastic – if they’ve caught the frost, defrosting too quickly can damage growth
• During snowy weather, shake excess snow from tree branches, shrubs and hedges to ease the extra weight
• Avoid walking on snow-covered grass – it will damage the turf beneath
• Wait until spring to cut back frost damage. This will prevent further damage and encourages plants to produce fresh, healthy shoots


It’s not just plants that suffer during cold weather – your garden furniture, decking and shed need protecting too.
• Cover chairs and tables with a furniture cover or plastic sheets to protect wood and metal from rainy weather
• Treat decking with our Decking Protector to stop it from splitting and turning grey in the cold
• Furniture sitting on wet grass can quickly become rotten – place stones under the legs of your chairs and tables to keep them away from pooled water
• Remove heavy snow or large rain puddles from shed or greenhouse roofs to keep them dry and ensure light can still reach your plants

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